Your first steps to accelerating growth…

1. Introductory Call
To understand your business objectives and target market, we’ll explore your products vertical along with these core areas:

GOALS: Annual, Quarterly, & Monthly
CUSTOMER: Target Persona, ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
REVENUE: Per Account, Segmented, ROAS, ACV/LTV, Gross, Net
CURRENT TOOLS: CRM, Marketing Automation, Data & AI Stack, etc.

2. Independent Audit
Our team will run a detailed, in-depth analysis of your website and collateral to identify market fit, customer demographics, pain points, and suggested growth strategies moving forward.

SEO: Keywords, Organic Ranks, Backlink Analysis, Google Analytics & Search
SITE OPTIMIZATION: Metadata, Title Tag, H1 & H2, Alt Text, Site Speed, Mobile
MARKET: Competitive Analysis, International Reach, Content Analysis
DESIGN: User Experience, User Interface, Content Optimization, Site Structure

Media or speaking inquiries:

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